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Sunday, 09 February 2014 09:36

Turf grass & the lagoon

Written by  Team SCPA


We need to focus on what makes for a healthy lagoon, not what makes for healthy turf grass lawn.

A healthy lagoon is a necessity. Healthy turf grass is not.

University of Florida's IFAS is expert on growing healthy turf. They have focused on what makes super grass lawns. But healthy turf lawns should not be our most important concern.

A healthy lagoon, valued at $3,800,000,000 per year to our region is more important than turf grass lawns -- to most of us.

Healthy recreational activities on a healthy Indian River Lagoon are our concern. A healthy lagoon produces a bounty of fish, shrimp, crabs, clams and oysters -- they are our concern. Heathy bottlenose dolphins are our concern. Diseased green sea turtles In the lagoon are our concern. Dying manatees and pelicans are our concern. Dead oysters and barnacles are our concern.

If the lagoon is so toxic that these living creatures and organisms are dying in the lagoon, any thinking person would say we'd better do something about it. An unhealthy, sick lagoon is going to be unhealthy for us. There are signs of that already.

So, we need to shift the discussion away from the fertilizers and chemicals that are needed to maintain healthy turf.

Good news: there are alternatives to turf for landscapes -- alternatives that do not require the same kind of fertilization, chemical poisons, fresh water irrigation etc.

Healthy, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscapes can be achieved without the use of fertilizer-dependent turf.

As St. Lucie County so wisely advises: plant native plants and trees to have a healthy landscape.

A healthy landscape makes for a healthy Indian River Lagoon.

We should be focused on bringing back healthy seagrass beds, before it's too late to bring them back.

A healthy lagoon is a necessity, and the needs are now critically urgent.


Palm Bay Fertilizer Ordinance -- we have some suggestions:

Green Sea Turtles in Indian River Lagoon, 50 to 70 percent are diseased:

Gimme Green documentary film about grass lawns -- prize-winning film by Univ. of Florida students:

Indian River Lagoon Call to Action, petition, sign and mail in, ask local businesses to sign, too:

Floridians Clean Water Declaration, as of Feb. 9 approx. 6,000 signatures mailed in:

Be Floridian:

compiled by Team SCPA


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