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Tuesday, 04 February 2014 08:30

Crane Creek

Written by  Linda Staab

by Linda Crow Staab

Crane Creek was a childhood friend of mine. We lived next door to each other and I spent hours with my buddy. Days were mellow, with ducks floating, pelicans and osprey diving and snook jumping.

Night times were loud and raucous with deep gator honks, bullfrog croaks and other creatures calling. I often ventured out in our rowboat with another friend. Sometimes we'd "accidentally" end up in the water giggling.

It was an idyllic time -- a time before the separation of daily life from nature; before the "sanitizing" of life and the relegating of nature as less important and so the impact on it of no concern.
I spent a night there in recent years. There were almost no sounds.


About the author:  Linda Crow Staab grew up in Melbourne, Florida. In the 50s, she lived with her mother on Crane Creek, just off Melbourne Avenue in downtown Melbourne, before going away to school at University of Florida and Harvard in the 60s. Over the years, she came home to visit her mother and other friends in Melbourne. Linda recently retired as a psychotherapist counselor in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She remembers when the waters of Crane Creek -- and the Indian River Lagoon -- were filled with life.


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