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Friday, 24 January 2014 06:55

St. Johns River Update: Adena

Written by  Team SCPA, St. Johns Riverkeepers


St. Johns River update

Adena Ranch Permit

Water flow of the St. Johns River is considerably less than previous years… half the flow is 'gone'… allowing salt water intrusion in the St. Johns River…

Adena Ranch is a huge cattle project near Ocala that seeks permit to withdraw millions of gallons from St. Johns River in the Silver Springs region…

Cattle ranches produce piles of manure, which contains nitrogen nutrients, which turn clean waters into polluted rivers...

Dr. Bob Knight says if the Adena Springs water permit is approved, this will increase nitrates in Silver Springs by three times. 

Florida is now planning to reduce nitrogen loads in Silver Springs… many years too late… and the state is considering issuing permit to Adena Ranch?

Adena says they want to protect the environment and create jobs. (Have we heard that before?)

Under Rick Scott's management of Florida, will the state issue the permit? 



FULL INFO: St. Johns Riverkeeper, facts + videos:


VIDEO focused on Adena Ranch question (3 min.):


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