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Saturday, 21 December 2013 05:08

Inequality for All

Written by  Team SCPA

Wow! Big enthusiastic crowd at Space Coast premier on Jan. 9. Here's follow-up.


Thousands of The People can see this film here in Florida if we...

1. Ask local theaters to show Inequality for All, an important new award-winning documentary film.

• Melbourne- Premier Theaters Oaks 10: 321-953-3388

• West Melbourne- Cinema World :321-723-4143

• Viera- Rave Motion Pictures: 321-775-1210 ext 0

• Vero Beach- AMC Indian River 24: 772-563-2933

• Merritt Island- Cobb Theatres Merritt Square 16: 321-459-3760

Have a theater to add to this list? or phone number correction? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. Purchase + share! This film is available on Amazon for $10. Purchase and show to neighbors and at other gatherings. Encourage all to call local theaters…

3. Also, please donate to SCPA to help make programs like this possible. See below.


Important new 2013 documentary film


A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class

Best selling author of 13 books, UC Berkeley Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, Clinton administration Secretary of Labor, and a foremost expert on economics

2013 Winner: Special Jury Prize SUNDANCE Film Festival

Jacob Kornbluth, Director

'This film will move people to action'
-- Robert Reich

See film trailer:


A preview of the film INEQUALITY FOR ALL
by Bob Serody, Space Coast Progressive Alliance
The upcoming film Inequality for All is a documentary film by Jacob Kornbluth about income inequality and its effect on the economy, the erosion of the middle class, and the destruction of democracy in the United States.  It has been cited as the best documentary film of 2013 and features Robert B. Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton.
Author of many books describing the attack on and dissolution of the middle class by powerful, wealthy interests, Robert Reich explains that the extreme accumulation of wealth by one percent of Americans has in its view diminished the need for an economically viable middle class as part of a balanced economy.  In other words, concentrated wealth is now achieved by rigging the economy to disproportionately favor the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.  Today, we see that this lop-sighted distribution of wealth has resulted in less investment in education, training, infrastructure, and health care. 
The result is less productivity and the gradual realization by the public that trickle-down economics doesn’t work.  In fact, median incomes are dropping.  The super-rich are not investing in jobs and growth.  They are investing in U.S. treasury bills or investing their wealth in Brazil, South Asia, or anywhere else they can reap the largest return on investment.  Domestically, they are privatizing public institutions to benefit themselves, while at the same time blocking government revenues that would stimulate the economy.
Robert Reich not only reveals what has gone wrong with our economy and our democracy, he describes how to fix it.  Viewing this film is a crucial step in educating and motivating the public to take action in restoring the middle class, the economy, and representative government.  Reich’s book Beyond Outrage describes the specific steps necessary to rescue our economy and our democracy. 

Note: The Space Coast Progressive Alliance presented the film Inequality for All on January 9th for Space Coast Premier. Now we must act to make sure thousands of people in Florida get to see this important film. See 'Action' above.


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1. Make check payable to 'Space Coast Progressive Alliance'
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5. You can also make a donation in honor someone, we'll list that -- let us know
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