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Friday, 29 November 2013 05:49

Barbara Kingsolver on Genetic Engineering

Written by  Barbara Kingsolver


Barbara Kingsolver on Genetic Engineering


A Fist in the Eye of God


From Barbara Kingsolver's book, 'Small Wonders'


In the slender shoulders of the myrtle tree outside my kitchen window, a hummingbird built her nest. It was in April, the sexiest month, season of bud-burst and courtship displays, though I was at the sink washing breakfast dishes and missing the party, or so you might think. Then my eye caught a flicker of motion outside, and there she was, hovering uncertainly. She held in the tip of her beak a wisp of wadded spiderweb so tiny I wasn't even sure it was there, until she carefully smoodged it onto the branch. She vanished then, but in less than a minute she was back with another tiny white tuft that she stuck on top of the first. For more than an hour she returned again and again, increasingly confident of her mission, building up by infinitesimal degrees a whitish lump on the branch - and leaving me plumb in awe of the supply of spiderwebbing on the face of the land.


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