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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 04:25

Saving the Indian River Lagoon

Written by  Team SCPA and Friend of IRLagoon

A Friend of the Indian River Lagoon shares this with us.

SUBJECT: 'Saving the Indian River Lagoon'

'The Indian River Lagoon Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan'

Published in Nov. 1996 by the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program (IRL-NEP) sponsored by the St. Johns River Water Management District and the South Florida Water Management District in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

It appears that hundreds of people were involved in creating this 300-page plan -- city and county governments and individuals along the lagoon, and the water management districts, Florida DEP and US EPA. Problems were identified, prioritized, and corrective measures assigned to city and county and state. 

ACCESS the 300-page plan:
The Indian River Lagoon Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan (1996)


SEE LIST OF ISSUES from the official 1996 plan to restore the Lagoon... 

See the listed 'tasks' promulgated by the IRL-NEP, below, to the counties (including Brevard) to help save the Lagoon... 

Have ANY of these goals been achieved? 

Or, now, are officials going to ask The People to make oyster bags to save the Lagoon?

by local governments to restore the IRL's water quality, with citations of 'Action Plans' from the 1996 CCMP below....

1) Addressing septic tank 'non-point' sewage pollution -- pg. 83 (PDF pg. 102)... a 'high priority' problem identified by the IRL CCMP states that 90% of the Lagoon's 120,000 septic tanks are 'problem tanks' very likely causing water quality problems in the Lagoon... 88% of the funding for mitigating the problem should come from the County Commissions... To date what has been done?

2) Mitigation of deep well injection of human sewage pollution -- pg. 77 (PDF pg. 96)... a 'medium priority' problem identified by the IRL CCMP… See attached Recent EPA finding that indicates both the deep sewage injection well DB Lee Waste Water Treatment Plant on Sarno Rd. Melbourne, and the South Melbourne Beach WWTP (near Spessard Holland golf course) are both leaking upward into the drinking water aquifer... and likely into surficial groundwater waters and surface waters...

3) Unmitigated fertilizer pollution to the Lagoon... -- pg. 115 (PDF pg. 134). a 'high priority' problem identified by the IRL CCMP -- encouraging the proper use of lawn fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides... Recent findings indicate the fertilizers are significant contributors to nutrient loading and water quality decline in Florida's surface and groundwaters... What have the Brevard County Commission and local cities done to address this 'high priority issue?'


Posted by Team SCPA, information provided by a Friend of the Indian River Lagoon

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