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Thursday, 28 February 2013 15:17

Voter Suppression / Election Reform - Making Your Vote Count

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The next Space Coast Progressive Alliance First Thursday Program, March 7th, at the Front Street Civic Center in Melbourne will be "Voter Suppression/Election Reform - Making Your Vote Count."

Many of us worry about the long lines, reduced hours, and whether our votes will be counted as we intended when we cast them.  The March 7th Program will feature:

1. "Roadmap for Election Reform:  What Citizens Can Do", a special powerpoint presentation by the League of Women Voters
2. Information shared by Citizen Exit Poll 2012 on pending election reform bills, and,
3. The video Stealing America:  Vote by Vote, which highlights the history of how these voter suppression practices began in the 2004 Election and still impact us today. 

Please join us for this information-packed evening and learn how you can make a difference in bringing back fairness to our American election process.

Front Street Civic Center: Front Street is the short road that runs from the Chart House to the mainland side of the Melbourne Causeway. At present, it is best accessed via Melbourne Avenue, just east of Melbourne Harbor. See: civic center website.  See: map

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