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Thursday, 14 February 2013 10:37

PNN - Bread and Water and the Bill of Rights

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Progressive News Network, SSundays at 7om Progressive News Network, SSundays at 7om RW Spisak 2011

SUNDAY FEB 17th 7pm

PNN Discusses Food, Water and the Bill of Rights

PNN Welcomes Jeannie Economos Farm Worker Safety Activist , Winona Hauter Executive Director of Food and Water Watch, Rick Hawkins co-founder of LocalEctopia and Tangerine Bolten NDAA plaintiff, Constitutional Activist and founder of for a 2 hour special on those things that nourishes the heart, soul and liberty.

Co-Produced by Mikki Royce and Rick Spisak for Progressive across the Globe
Sunday 7pm Eastern

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Rick Spisak

Richard began organizing while still in high school. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s work to end Apartheid in America and he joined in actions which opposed the Viet Nam War, and Women's Reproductive Rights.

One of the founding members of Miami for Peace, he has produced environmental and political reports since the 1970s. He produced the “Shock & Awe Cartoonarium”, a collection of Human rights, and Anti-war cartoons. He also authored a comic book explaining the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Richard covered the 2008 Democratic Convention as a Blogger affiliated with the Florida Progressive Coalition. A past President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the ACLU of Florida. Now he Co-Produces a Weekly News Program called Progressive News Network available on the web at

solidarity & peace

Richard W. Spisak Jr.



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