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Saturday, 17 November 2012 08:39

Samuel Alito, Supreme Court Justice, Takes On Citizens United Critics

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Alito is correct if corporations have the protection of the Bill of rights. First Amendment protects political speech, whether from an individual or a corporation.


Alito protests “ a vision of society "in which the federal government towers over people." yet he supports a twisted view of the constitution where trans-national corporations tower over the people. We can even find out what is in our food, nor the chemicals in our bodies from fracking, nor protect ourselves from pollution, nor end NAFTA chapter 11, nor structure the banks so we are not subjugated to interest and debt cons, so we are truly never free, every time the voice of the people rises to the top of the national level a call for some benefit to the population like national healthcare not based on profit voices from the corporate world blasts across the land spreading lies and hypnotizes those the change in  our culture would benefit and nothing changes. Tom Delay takes legislation from the hands of the pharmaceutical lobbyists raises it high and says the people have spoken. I know who Alito supports. He fails to read and honor the first Supreme Court decisions in the 1860's concerning corporate personhood. He honors the railroads voice against the peoples voice. We know who he is and he is not a constitutionalists nor is Scilia or they would also be attending the anti -federalist dinners demonstrating how they are maintaining the balance that was structured in order for the constitution to be signed. They are business's representatives plain and simple. And as a result trans national interest take over the Federal government; their rulings in the supreme court ends up creating an oppressive federal government. The two billion dollars in this last election was not the peoples money, therefore it is not a peoples election. I wonder when political donations will become tax deductible or subsidize?


“Conservative justices routinely speak at Federalist Society gatherings, including the yearly fall meeting in Washington.” Where our the Washington Anti-Federlist gatherings?

Greg Wilson

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A progressive advice column must deal with at least two areas of life. One is the interaction of relationships, the every day moving about of families and couples, individual growth and the struggles we all go through as we pass through time. The second area is how culture, laws, religion, and social constructs affect our daily living. For example, “How do I deal with my Christian fundamentalist brother?” or “How do I introduce my family to my partner of four years knowing they supported Amendment Two?” Some of the issues we deal with are unique and I hope in this column our community finds a place to deal with that uniqueness. There have been moments in my life where a word, a comment from some one at the right time made a difference in how I saw a situation and the decisions I made. The older I become the more I realize the wisdom in listening. Decisions that seem important, or seem unimportant, can influence years of a persons life.

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