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Saturday, 15 September 2012 07:22

Don't like Middle East Turmoil?

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Torture made by US $ Torture made by US $ RW Spisak [creative commons]

Puzzled by Mid-East Turmoil and threats to US Interests?

If so, you haven't been paying attention, to the last hundred years of US policy in the Middle East.
Since our glorious participation in the "Great" War, you remember your Grandfather's War. The one ostensibly launched by the assassination of the Grand Duke in Sarajevo. Come on you remember, the one enthusiasts called "The War to End all Wars". It was a great PR campaign, Edward Bernays molder of public opinion was quite proud of that little bit of sloganeering. Lawrence, of the British secret service, who pulled the Arabs together to join the West's fight against the Turks were promised if they joined the fight the west would cease looting their national resources and help them build nation states. And when they were betrayed in the treaty frenzy after WWI, Lawrence warned if you take advantage of the Arabs now, your grandchildren will be back as soldiers.

If you examined American support for despots versus anything more than lip-service for actual participatory democracy where public opinion is something more than the folks waving pitchforks and eventually American donated weapons behind tall walls, you'd agree that our support for the voices of the peoples of the Middle East has been tragically lacking. When the Palestinian vote went against our pick, the vote became far less sacred to our government.

Yes the oligarchs of the family Saud and their friends across the sands who rule with an iron-fist are protected by American Arms and technology, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen,  and many many others who have jailed, tortured and disappeared hundreds and thousands of their own people. Yet these oppressed millions don't seem grateful to us? Why don't the oil sheiks and their despot brothers have the nuclear weapons that everyone seems to be so insistent that Iran cannot have? Probably because they have mercenaries for that. That my friends are our sons and daughters, those Mercenaries are "American."

Whether you refer to our propping up the Peacock Throne of the Shah of Iran, or our former employees Saddam Hussein, and Assad or Mubarak. These dictators and brigands hold their bloody grip on power largely through American muscle and blood, and praise capitalism... tax payers dollars.

If you don't like the rage in the Middle East, tell your government and the people who govern in our names do not support thugs who torture people. ((But we won't prosecute anybody, who did it for us, because we, are looking forward.)) W, you're safe, Obama has your back.

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Rick Spisak

Richard began organizing while still in high school. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s work to end Apartheid in America and he joined in actions which opposed the Viet Nam War, and Women's Reproductive Rights.

One of the founding members of Miami for Peace, he has produced environmental and political reports since the 1970s. He produced the “Shock & Awe Cartoonarium”, a collection of Human rights, and Anti-war cartoons. He also authored a comic book explaining the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Richard covered the 2008 Democratic Convention as a Blogger affiliated with the Florida Progressive Coalition. A past President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the ACLU of Florida. Now he Co-Produces a Weekly News Program called Progressive News Network available on the web at

solidarity & peace

Richard W. Spisak Jr.



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