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Monday, 03 September 2012 03:30

The Smallest Sufferers

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Healthy Start is a program that identifies Florida's at risk mothers and newborn infants. Risk factors include mothers with high rates of premature babies, poverty, crime, substance abuse, joblessness, child abuse, and domestic violence. The soaring number of mothers who have babies born with drugs in their system are often referred by hospitals at birth.

Once in the program those at risk are eligible for drug treatment, prenatal and infant health care, in-home parenting classes, help finding employment, mental health counseling, and other forms of assistance.

Sadly many of these at risk mothers and babies will soon be on their own. Gov. Rick Scott and our Florida Legislature have refused to accept a 4.9 million dollar federal grant for the Healthy Start program because it was connected to "Obamacare".

Once again our Governor and puppet Republican dominated Tallahassee majority demonstrate their disregard for the most vulnerable and helpless among us.

Shame on them all.

Vicki Impoco

Opinion Still Matters

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