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Saturday, 01 September 2012 11:23

Arrogance and Contempt Toward Voters

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In our American democratic republic the voter is not considered to be an ignorant, easily manipulated puppet dancing to the media blitz beat of a candidate's electioneering anthem. If voters continue to accept the degradation inflicted by one candidate who refuses to reveal significant information expected of even lesser levels of government employees, those voters contribute to their own degradation as well as that of our great country.

We will have allowed one man, not an invading army of terrorists, but merely one man to define Americans as mindless losers.

One candidate shows his arrogance and contempt for voters by refusing to make public years of tax returns, accounts and investments in tax sheltered foreign countries such as Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands. As he supports foreign wars and the horrific price paid in human lives, he himself refuses to pay his fair share of American taxes. He openly declares that he will lower his own tax rates even further by denying services needed by Americans who are suffering.

Could you imagine if President Obama kept tax sheltered foreign bank accounts that he refused to publicly reveal? Romney deserves our scorn, not our vote.






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