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Sunday, 26 August 2012 10:30

RE Sperm Rights and in Defence of Egg Layors

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It could only be the thoughtless who reject this author's logic as horsing around; I say neigh! I say she  hardly goes far enough when it comes to the mass murder of sacred ejaculate and eggs lost in the sacrilege that is menstruation. Granted each sperm and each egg contains but half of the genetic material necessary for a human, so I suggest every two sperms and every two eggs should be counted as one virtual human.

Advances in medical monitoring technology have created an opportunity to implant arousal detection circuitry in prepubescent boy and thereby prevent the countless midnight murders that might otherwise  arise. This implant would deliver a series of preemptive electric shocks, and thus prevent illicit destruction of million of sperm pairs. This type of detection and prevention technology will not be restricted to boys only. Obviously what's good for the sperm donor, is good for the egg layor.

The differences in male biological arousal and women's egg production and release do not present the same urgency inherent in sperm producers. However, obviously, menstruation must be prohibited at all costs with its inherent egg-pair loss. Nanofactories must be introduced in each prepubescent woman's hall of reproduction, once called by the vulgar uter*s, allowing each premenstrual egg to be encapsulated and rescued via a microscopic conveyor belt for extraction and preparation for the fertilization by a carefully selected sperm pair.

This new found respect for life will result in tens of thousands of new humans allowing the second portion of our pro-life commitment to attain its realization. We must stop this relentless anti-virus and anti infection campaign. If we again allow disease to take its course, and we simultaneously enable each egg and sperm to attain its full human potential, we shall have finally fulfilled our PRO-Life Pledge.

So while many lives will be lost to sickness, it will be more than balanced out by our pro-life commitment insuring each egg and each sperm-pair to attain its humanity. Onward to a BRAVE NEW PRO-LIFE WORLD where human life may be cheap, but it will certainly be fruitful - ultimately insuring an ample supply of soldiers.

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Rick Spisak

Richard began organizing while still in high school. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s work to end Apartheid in America and he joined in actions which opposed the Viet Nam War, and Women's Reproductive Rights.

One of the founding members of Miami for Peace, he has produced environmental and political reports since the 1970s. He produced the “Shock & Awe Cartoonarium”, a collection of Human rights, and Anti-war cartoons. He also authored a comic book explaining the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Richard covered the 2008 Democratic Convention as a Blogger affiliated with the Florida Progressive Coalition. A past President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the ACLU of Florida. Now he Co-Produces a Weekly News Program called Progressive News Network available on the web at

solidarity & peace

Richard W. Spisak Jr.



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