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Thursday, 26 July 2012 18:16

Back to school OR back to expensive and meaningless tests?

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"Florida has perfected a useless system of grading schools," according to nationally recognized educational experts Matthew DiCarlo and Diane Ravitch - who are not paid by corporate testing companies to say what they say.

All parents in Brevard wonder what their children must face in school daily. What measurement of success will be used to determine children's academic success?

One thing is certain: What grades measure and what they don't measure are increasingly determined by politically motivated for-profit testing companies with lucrative government contracts.

Ex-convict Michael Milken, the junk bond king, and ex-Governor Jeb Bush are major investors in the organization K 12 which has ads in hundreds of media sources. When present Governor Rick Scott and his education adviser Michele Rhee are taken into the mix with their political, ideological and profitable affiliated organizations, the plot thickens to the disadvantage of children. They are all also heavily involved in testing companies pushed upon us as "teacher accountability" and "expert data driven" testing corporations.

Notice that children and their precious human differences are not taken into account by them.

Corporate driven intrusion into public education that feeds on school tax monies has taken the euphemism of "school reform" as its own. Privatization (actually Profitization) under the guise of free market expertise is illogical logic. Free market and private schools are one thing. The free market, by definition, cannot take tax money and be guaranteed to make additional profits as well. That is simply corporate welfare (Profitization) whether it is in schools, testing or gasoline production.

Do not allow expensive corporate driven test scores to dictate a magic test score number that labels and prioritizes our children as successes and failures. Last year's FCAT scores were such a fiasco that all the numbers were shifted and rendered meaningless yet still determinate for school tax funding purposes.

Check this out. "Florida has perfected a useless system of grading schools," according to true educational experts Matthew DiCarlo and Diane Ravitch. READ SOURCE. 

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