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Thursday, 19 July 2012 13:53

Answering Corporate Democrats and their appeasers

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Our Progressive Caucus, is sending some suggestions on to the Democratic Party. We were asked for feedback. I agreed wholeheartedly with the suggestions and the language. I endorsed them fully. I added in that given that the chair of the Platform Committee was Mayor Cory Booker, I said it was important that we weigh in. I characterized Mayor Booker, this way:

" RE Mayor Cory Booker...
Remember he complained about the attacks on the poor bankers, and said, that Wall Street is being "picked on".  It made him sick!
But as the old saying goes... yet Cory Booker is an honorable man...
and a hero! "

BUT One of my Caucus Companeros suggested I erred -

"...We can do the tear down everyone who is not like us thing and that leaves us with about 1% of the population..."

 I offered these thoughts -

The fact that Mayor Booker, has used strong language, to undermine criticism, much less the reining in of Wall Street, suggests that strong language, is called for after all. My own criticism, ( temperate I thought ) was to condemn, him in that Shakespeare's phrase "an honorable man". And I did remember to mention his hero turns.

Did our founding fathers compromise with King George?
Did Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson equivocate, when it came to human rights?
Was freedom of speech meant to be a sometimes thing, right to peaceably assemble, not so much?

We are at an important juncture, either human rights, economic justice prevail again, or control of government
is walked backwards and handed over to the control of the princes of economic power.

Do we meekly acquiesce and collaborate or stand united and oppose the CORPORATIZATION of what was once American Justice and Democracy. Either there is one law for the street thief and the Wall Street thief, or there is not. It's quite simple. Do you remember when Ollie North said they wanted a stand alone off the shelf foreign policy tool. Now in Iraq and Afghanistan we've been sending more mercenaries than regular army? Sounds like Ollie got his way!

It may be that our democratic party now finds common ground with Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. It may see the benefit of the good side [check writing side] of the Koch Brothers, Monsanto, Dow and Haliburton. But in the face of the excesses of Wall Street manipulation and the Libor - "ous" efforts of bankers, I think it important that we speak out for a return to Equal Justice Under Law, and a return to the rules of Habeas Corpus. I think America can afford those expenditures.

Otherwise we abandon the future generations to a world where 24/7 surveillance is enhanced by bio-metrics and enforced by drones. When congress is simply and openly a creature of the Corporate state. Make your argument and make common cause with those who agree. I will as well.

Saying that I differ with corporatist democrats isn't to say I reject the party that once stood solidly with unions. That oh so recently [2008] INSISTED that Health Care for All was a FIRST PRIORITY. But then somehow morphed into an ANTI-UNION, CORPORATIST PARTY, that proclaimed OUT OF THE GATE... that Health Care for All was off the table and that CUTTING DOMESTIC SPENDING was a higher priority than reducing our ever expanding wars, or trimming the war toys budget.

So I stand for that part of the party. NOT the Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, Cory Booker, Antonio Villaraigosas of the Corporatist Wing.
Does it isolate me, yes from some, but not from the heart of the party.

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak, News Director, PNN

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Rick Spisak

Richard began organizing while still in high school. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s work to end Apartheid in America and he joined in actions which opposed the Viet Nam War, and Women's Reproductive Rights.

One of the founding members of Miami for Peace, he has produced environmental and political reports since the 1970s. He produced the “Shock & Awe Cartoonarium”, a collection of Human rights, and Anti-war cartoons. He also authored a comic book explaining the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Richard covered the 2008 Democratic Convention as a Blogger affiliated with the Florida Progressive Coalition. A past President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the ACLU of Florida. Now he Co-Produces a Weekly News Program called Progressive News Network available on the web at

solidarity & peace

Richard W. Spisak Jr.

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