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Friday, 29 June 2012 11:43

Not Pulling Their Own Weight

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Bring Out yer Dead Bring Out yer Dead (Python, Monty) sons of

(warning satire ahead)

Pity, oops don't pity, its not a republican virtue, the single mother,  the struggling family, the burdensome sickly elder. Who do they think they are, these freeloaders. Not pulling their own weight in todays AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

Sure, its more expensive than any other country in the world, yes they will charge you more, and give you less attention as they rush you between the registrar and the PAYMENT WINDOW. But just keep this in mind, if you can't pay the usurious rates, that keep HEALTH INSURANCE EXECUTIVES in gold plated Mc Mansions you're nothing more than just societal dead weight.

Your life is a burden weighing down the healthy which would (the liberal have it) force all good republicans to support the widowed mother and the bawling infant that so crowds and clots Emergency Rooms across the breadth of this EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT  LAND OF OURS.

I myself, have nothing but contempt for these worthless UNHEALTHIES - (they should wear badges) that through their own MORAL FAILINGS not be able to pay a good honest premium. Or, due to some character flaw maintain an infirmity that keeps him or her dependent, mind you on a distasteful and unsupportable public largess. 

Certainly the Spartans and Vikings would have had a cheaper and simpler solution, throw the crying infant, or burbling senior on the trash heap along with the other unfit, at the edge of the village as entertainment or a sop to the forest wolves. Are their no large carnivores, to rid us of this wastage?

That some yet have the temerity to suggest that society owes them a path back to health or worse to some kind of long term maintenance. Look at that "scientist" the British physic (or whatever) who (lives?) confined to a wheel chair, why it turns the stomach of any TRUE-BLOODED American. 

Do those liberals even think, why should we waste valuable societal resources; much less MY PRECIOUS EARNINGS, to maintain such feeble creatures on stolen tax payers dollars? As if people like that, might somehow yet contribute. Shared burden indeed!

"National Healthcare, Bah! Humbug! Are there still some dainty souls desirous of supporting the slowly dying with our valuable dollars, at far far far too great public cost."

E. Scrooge and C. Dickens

Special Thanks to the SONS of Python

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Rick Spisak

Richard began organizing while still in high school. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s work to end Apartheid in America and he joined in actions which opposed the Viet Nam War, and Women's Reproductive Rights.

One of the founding members of Miami for Peace, he has produced environmental and political reports since the 1970s. He produced the “Shock & Awe Cartoonarium”, a collection of Human rights, and Anti-war cartoons. He also authored a comic book explaining the U.S.A. Patriot Act.

Richard covered the 2008 Democratic Convention as a Blogger affiliated with the Florida Progressive Coalition. A past President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the ACLU of Florida. Now he Co-Produces a Weekly News Program called Progressive News Network available on the web at

solidarity & peace

Richard W. Spisak Jr.



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