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Sunday, 17 June 2012 07:30

Florida: Own Your Vote

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Election Day is November 6, 2012

Step one: Get registered

Supervisor of Elections for Brevard County

You can download voter registration forms online at


Telephone. Call the Florida Division of Elections at 850-245-6200 for voter registration materials.


Supervisor of Elections for Brevard County

What if I am already registered to vote?

You must update your information if any of the following are true—using a new voter registration form is an easy way to do this.

You can register to vote in several ways before the October 9 deadline, including:

New Address. You have moved to a new address since you registered.

Changed Your Name. You have changed your name since you registered to vote.

Party Affiliation. You want to change your party affiliation.

Step TWO: Bring your photo ID.

If you vote in person, you will need to show an accepted form of photo ID with a signature.

Accepted forms of ID are:

Florida driver’s license

Florida ID card, issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

U.S. passport

Debit or credit card

Military ID

Student ID

Retirement center ID

Neighborhood association ID

Public assistance ID

Note: If your photo ID does not have a signature on it, you can show a second ID that does.

For example: your student ID + a debit card.

Note: If you mail your voter registration form it must be postmarked by October 9.

Signature. If it’s been a while since you registered, you may want to update your signature to be safe and avoid a headache on Election Day.

Step three: Vote

Vote by Mail. To request a vote by mail ballot, contact your county’s Supervisor of Elections.

To Request Absentee Ballots Brevard County

A complete list of Supervisors of Elections is available by:

- Calling 850-245-6200 or

- Visiting

Early voting in person. Check with your county’s Supervisor of Elections for locations and times.

A complete list of Supervisors of Elections is available by:

- Calling 850-245-6200 or

- Visiting

Supervisor of Elections for Brevard County

Are you a minister or other member of the clergy? Encourage your congregation to vote early.

Early voting makes it easy to cast your vote when it is convenient for you.

Early voting starts on Saturday, October 27, and ends on Saturday, November 3.

Voting should also be available on Sunday, October 28.

Note: In many cases, you do not need a photo ID to vote by mail.

Remember Voting is your right

You can vote before Election Day

OWN your vote

Your completed vote by mail ballot must be received by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day!

August 14 Primary Deadlines

Registration. Your registration must be postmarked by Monday, July 16.

Early Voting. Early voting starts on Saturday, August 4, and ends Saturday, August 11.

Election day. Cast your ballot on Tuesday, August 14, at your local polling place.

Frequently Asked Questions

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