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Thursday, 14 June 2012 01:53

SCPA 1st Thursday - Koch Brothers Exposed Featured

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This full-length documentary shows how Charles and David Koch, two of the world’s richest and most powerful men are polluting the environment and bankrolling a vast network of organizations dedicated to serving the interests of large corporations.
See what your favorite organizations are doing to fight back against the Kochs/ALEC and how you can help.

FIRST THURSDAYS of every month, 6:30 - 9pm at the Henegar Center, downtown Melbourne, 
625 E. New Haven Avenue Melbourne, Florida 32901

6:30pm announcements.

GROUPS: You're invited to make a 1-3 minute informal presentation on your mission, current or upcoming events, petition efforts, etc. Bring literature and other materials to share. Info sharing & networking are the purpose of the evening!

PROGRAM begins at 7pm.


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