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Wednesday, 18 November 2009 19:56

The Whores Among Us

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Lobbyists aren’t whores. Whores don’t pay for services, they offer the services johns pay for. Lobbyists pay elected officials – you know, campaign contributions in return for favorable legislation, or even for the opportunity to write the legislation. Doesn’t that make the lobbyist the john and the legislator the whore?

Think this is a stretch? Consider the use (overuse) of “pander." Someone is always pandering to the Right, the base, this Christian group or to some other interest group. (Why, I have to ask, is no one ever pandering to the Left?)  It seems that, in our vernacular, being in Congress is about having congress with characters of questionable intentions.

What does this have to do about Brevard? Recently, Florida Today reported that Thad Altman, state senator from Brevard, was sponsoring legislation that would forbid the Department of Children and Families from asking prospective adoptive parents if they had guns in their houses. DCF officials explained that the follow up question was to ask how the guns are locked or secured. Seems reasonable. Altman jumped into the crisis and contacted the NRA and, voila, a bill was born. Turns out that on this critical issue Altman had received all of one email. He sure was quick to pimp himself to the NRA to get its money and serve them gun-lovers their bill so he could pander to his base.

Panderers, pimps and whores. Gypsies, tramps and thieves. We are positively Medieval.

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